Monday, August 11, 2008

'White households in Gauteng earn more'

11 August 2008, 18:13
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The average annual income of white households in Gauteng in 2006 far exceeded that of other race groups, Unisa's Bureau of Market Research said on Monday.

White households had an average annual income of R253 370. This was far higher than that of African (R90 280) and coloured households (R130 101) and just somewhat higher than the R240 114 income of Asians, the bureau said.

The average annual income of households in Gauteng amounted to R131 563 in 2006, with salaries and wages being their main source of income.

Salaries and wages made up an equal share of the total income of Asian and coloured households (68 percent each), while the biggest share of the total income was in African households (72 percent). It made up 66 percent of the total income of white households.

Notable differences in the percentage share of income from own businesses in total income between the different population groups were found - whites 28,8 percent, Asians 16 percent, Africans 12,6 percent and coloureds 11,3 percent.

Further comparison of the sources of income for the four population groups showed that income from pension funds was relatively more important to whites (1,7 percent of their total income) than to Asians (0,2 percent), coloureds (1,5 percent) and Africans (1,1 percent).

Income shares from social pensions and grants were: coloureds 5,4 percent, Africans 2,3 percent, Asians 1,3 percent and whites 0,5 percent. -

Comments by Sonny
Debatable trash....
Whites have been paying into pension and medical funds infinitum.

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