Monday, August 11, 2008

Cosatu knocks Scorpions

11 August 2008

The Scorpions have not succeeded in cutting crime, they have instead been cherry-picking cases of high-profile individuals, said Cosatu provincial secretary Siphiwe Ngcina in Johannesburg on Monday.

Public hearings on Scorpions start today

Cosatu’s heavies lay into Scorpions

"The Scorpions service the rich and do plea-bargains, while core criminals run around the streets," said Ngcina, speaking at the public hearings on whether or not the Scorpions should be disbanded.

He said the unit, officially known as the Directorate of Special Operations (DSO), must be integrated into the South African Police Service, adding that it would then have the same capacity and resources as the Scorpions.

"We are positive that the Scorpions will be dissolved because a majority of people here have said so," he commented.

When a member of the public enquired what would happen to high-profile cases once the unit merged with the police, a parliamentarian responded that the bills designed to bring about the DSO’s dissolution clearly stated that current cases would still be pursued.

"[It] will certainly not undermine the progress of successful cases that the DSO has already begun to investigate."

Cosatu detests Mbeki and the Scorpions.
Soon they will detest Zuma.
Vavi is a dictator of note.
Cosatu wants a cherry-picking relationship with the ruling party.



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