Sunday, August 24, 2008

Defence told where to get off

Say it with a sting.....

22 August 2008
Dudu Busani
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After being grilled for five days in the witness stand, Dzudzanani Netshisaulu, mother of murdered City Press editor-in-chief’s son, told defence counsel Christo Meiring where to get off.

During cross-examination yesterday she suddenly stopped answering questions and asked that Meiring stop raising his fists when speaking to her.

“He must stop raising his fists and pointing them at me,” she said. “He was doing the same thing yesterday but I did not bring it to the court’s attention. It is intimidating.”

While Meiring was explaining to the court that his gestures were not intended to intimidate , state prosecutor Maro Papachristaforou intervened and pointed out that Netshisaulu seemed to be exhausted. He suggested she be relieved for the day.

She is testifying in the trial of Mulalo Sivhidzho, her son’s widow and alleged murderer.

In 2006 Sivhidzho allegedly conspired with Ntambudzeni Matsenene and Arnold Sello to murder her husband Avhatakali.

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