Sunday, August 31, 2008

R10,000 fine for ‘whites only’ club

Say it with a sting.....

Biénne Huisman

Published:Aug 28, 2008

A LITTLE Karoo club has been slapped with a R10,000 fine for refusing admission to four black students.

Vastrap, a few kilometres outside the town of Ashton, must also change its entrance policy, publish apologies in newspapers and cover legal costs, the equality court ruled yesterday.

Magistrate Francois van Deventer found that the club was, “without a doubt”, guilty of unfair discrimination.

A portion of the fine will be donated to “ promoting diversity” at Stellenbosch University.

The four youngsters turned away were Lee Roy Frans, 23, Taamba Iithete, 23, Danmur Lucas, 22, and Megan Rossouw, 23.

They were part of a group of 12 students who went to Vastrap during a team-building weekend in January last year.

Only the white students were allowed entry.

“ My cover charge was refused without explanation. It was only when three other [student representative council] members’ entry fees were refused that I started suspecting that we were refused access based on race,” said Rossouw.

Sunday Times

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Comments: (72)View Latest
Hairy43 said at Aug 28 2008 1:29AM
How much did the Black Lawyers Association get fined for blocking whites from attending there meeting.

Not a, my.

ironfist08 said at Aug 28 2008 8:09AM
As much as i don't like to comment on racist issues, Hairy43, i gotta agree with you on that one.

riani said at Aug 28 2008 8:32AM
I agree Hairy43, but this is SA remember they can do anything they like based on race and they get away with it. But I am not a cry baby what doesn't kill me just makes me stronger. I am glad that I don't get brownie points based on my skin colour.

ndlovufe said at Aug 28 2008 9:08AM
These racists are lucky they are fined. We should behead them publicly. There are creches which still refuse admission of black children on the instructions of the white children's parents.

And when they start behaving like the Waterkloof four they get the best lawyers money can buy.

The Waterkloof four should have been the first to be publicly beheaded.

Mommacyndi said at Aug 28 2008 9:57AM
Xman said at Aug 28 2008 9:53AM

And you think WE have issues.

Comments by Sonny

Who is racist; the White Cock or the Black Hen?



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