Thursday, August 21, 2008

These hooligans/criminals need to be dealt with in the most severe manner

These hooligans/criminals needs to be dealt with.
Scrap the current system with a system that everybody can use.

Taxi protesters attack drivers
2008-8-21 11:37
Johannesburg - About 50 members of the Kempton Park Taxi Association blockaded Tembisa roads on Thursday morning, robbing at least one motorist and slashing the tyres of two cars, police said.
"The illegal march started at about 04:00 this morning by taxi operators of the Kempton Park Taxi Association," said Inspector Mveli Nhlapo.
The protesters, one of whom was armed with a firearm, others carrying knobkerries and sjamboks, stopped motorists in Tembisa who were transporting stranded commuters.
"Two cars were damaged. They slashed all four tyres on both cars. One of the motorists said they also took money from him," said Nhlapo.
"We don't know what aggravated them," he added.
The protesters then took a train at Leralla railway station to Van Riebeeck station near Kempton Park and continued their march.
"The police warned them to disperse because the march was illegal but they refused to disperse. The police fired rubber bullets to disperse the crowd," said Nhlapo.
Some of the protesters ran away but 13 were arrested. They face charges of malicious damage to property, public violence, theft and possession of an illegal firearm.
Nobody was injured.

"Bus Rapid Transit" system planned ahead of 2010Themba Gadebe and David Masango
Pretoria – A fast, comfortable and low cost urban transport system, called the "Bus Rapid Transit" (BRT) system, is being planned for the host cities of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
The Integrated Transport Plan for host cities' Cape Town, Tshwane, Durban, and Bloemfontein among several others will include a BRT transport system which will promote the use of public transport ahead of the 2010 soccer spectacle.
Revealing their plans on Thursday at the Southern African Transport Conference in Pretoria Thursday, the cities indicated that the BRT would be made available not only for the central business districts but also in townships.
The BRT has been described as a high quality, customer oriented transport system which will deliver fast, comfortable, and low cost urban mobility.
It involves the construction of "bus way corridors" on segregated lanes and modernised technology.
As one of the host cities, the City of Tshwane has proposing the establishment of Transport Authority, indicating the need for an institutional structure to integrate transport. An emphasis has been placed on the need for the BRT.
The application to establish the Tshwane Transport Authority has already been handed to the Gauteng Transport MEC, Ignatius Jacobs.
Referring to the BRT, Dennis Baloyi of the City of Tshwane said: "as part of the city's build up to the much anticipated 2010 FIFA World Cup, there is a need for a high quality, customer oriented public transport system which is fast, comfortable and offers low-cost mobility.
"The BRT will service people from Soshanguve, GaRankuwa (north of Pretoria) as well as Mamelodi (east of Pretoria) ensuring that everyone enjoys the transport legacy the 2010 world cup will leave in its wake ," he said.
This bus system will also have routes leading to the training and main stadiums.
Mr Baloyi said the Wonderboom Airport, a private airport, will assist the City in handling 10 percent of visitors of the total expected visitors.
Yolisa Mashilwane, from the City of Johannesburg told delegates that currently the use of public transport stood at 47 percent compared to the private mode which is at 53 percent.
"One of the main interventions in the Integrated Transport Plan is the Strategic Public Transport Network and the move to gear up to a full Bus Rapid Transit," she said.
"BRT is central to the 2010 plan," she added.
Ms Mashilwane said there were also plans for major freeways such as the N17, which connects the Johannesburg CBD with the southern areas of the city, to be upgraded to allow for easier access to soccer city stadium - where the opening and closing matches will be played.
The transport upgrade will provide for parking, pedestrian bridges and walkways, hawker facilities and clear signage and improvement of interchanges.
Transport is viewed as the primary legacy for South Africa to change the current status quo.
Donald Cupido of the City of Cape Town said the semi-final hosting city had a target of achieving a 50/50 split in the use of public and private transport by 2010.
"We also hope to increase the use of public transport to 53 percent by 2015 and by 57 percent by 2010," he said.
The city is also focusing on the rapid rail network to achieve its goals. Major upgrades in its freeways, namely the N1 and N2 are also taking place to ensure a sustainable long term integrated public transport system.
Speaking on behalf of Port Elizabeth, Dalene Campbell said: "The BRT will form the base of the future public transport system up to 2020."
Like many other cities, the city will increase their CCTV surveillances and traffic signs in response to travel demand management.
Source: BuaNews


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