Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shilowa's behaviour 'unbecoming'

Say it with a sting.....

30/09/2008 22:26 - (SA)

Manuel expects more to quit

ANC 'won't be distracted'

Shilowa not pushed - ANC

Shilowa resigns 'out of principle'

Johannesburg - The ANC disapproves of outgoing Gauteng premier Mbhazima Shilowa's "unbecoming behaviour", the provincial branch of party said on Tuesday.

Reacting to remarks by Shilowa at his resignation this week, the party said in a statement: "As the ANC we disapprove of this unbecoming behaviour of a long-serving ANC member.

"We expect comrade Shilowa to observe discipline, behave honestly and carry out loyally the decisions of the majority and of higher bodies."

The Gauteng African National Congress said this was what Shilowa used to preach and enforce when he was the chair of the province.

Shilowa resigned on Monday out of loyalty to ousted president Thabo Mbeki and because he did not want to be "in constant battles" with the ANC leadership.

"I am resigning due to my convictions that while the ANC has the right to recall any of its deployed cadres, the decision needs to be based on solid facts, be fair and just."

'You stand by your own'

"I also did not feel that I will be able to, with conviction, publicly explain or defend the NEC's decision on comrade Thabo Mbeki," Shilowa told reporters in Johannesburg.

"You stand by your own if you think they've been wrongly dealt with. I'm doing no more than that," he added.

The ANC provincial executive council, of which Shilowa is a member, said it had met on Sunday and this was followed by a meeting of 330 ANC branches, regional leaders and representatives of various components of the ANC and Alliance partners in Gauteng.

"These meetings received and unanimously welcomed the decision of the National Executive Committee on recalling former president Thabo Mbeki, and the appointment of Kgalema [Motlanthe] as the President of South Africa."

Constructive criticism

The party said any member of the ANC was entitled to offer constructive criticism of any programme, activity or position of the ANC within its structures.

"Comrade Shilowa has not raised his views within the structures of the ANC in particular the recent PEC and the PGC.

"He chose the route of speaking to the media and communicating his personal views.

"Whilst we respect his freedom of expression we, however, take a dim view of his attempt to undermine and impede the cohesive functioning of the structures of the ANC."

Comments by Sonny

If the ANC really want to uphold the Constitution then they must respect the constitutiona rights of the Premier of Gauteng Mbhazima Shilowa.

The ANC should practise what they preach.

What about his 'Freedom of Speech' rights.



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