Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thanks for pushing the boundaries

Say it with a sting.....

Published:Sep 13, 2008
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We salute you for challenging this current regime, which seems to believe that the country is there for its benefit, and not the other way round.
View Zapiro’s cartoon gallery
AUDIO: Zapiro cartoon saga
I would personally like to thank the ANC, the ANC Youth League, Cosatu, the SACP and our possible future president, Jacob Zuma, for pointing out that their intention was not to urinate on the justice system, but to rape it.
I would like to submit that a man forcing himself on a less-willing woman is still rape by definition, but can’t be associated with the thug-assisted violation of Lady Justice in the cartoon.
However, I must add that their bullish reaction to the cartoon has led me to think that the cartoon could be repeated, but with a child representing our young democracy in the place of the justice system.
I personally believe that Zapiro is an artist, and that his work can be interpreted in many ways.
I would like to thank him for pushing boundaries and challenging our thinking with his views. — Bruno, by e-mail
Hairy43 said at Sep 14 2008 1:11AM
Excellent cartoon I thought.
Tackler said at Sep 14 2008 7:55AM
Outstanding cartoon! It depicts the savage loutishness of the participants perfectly.
vincersa said at Sep 14 2008 8:01AM
Thanks for pushing the boundaries:-The rape cartoon must be one of the most thought provoking items ever published worldwide and therefore a TOTAL success.It will however sadly not reach the eyes or consciences of the vast majority of the nation and even those that it does, imbued with only strong tribal understandings and extremely little education as to how DEMOCRACY is meant to function in a "checks and balances manner" will not see it in this way nor have the reasoning capability to give it fair evaluation.Remember, African Democracy is a far cry from what westerners have been educated to strive for!It is more a 'tool' to cloak themselves in compliance for acceptancy of massive donor funds which the "chief winner takes all" then controls absolutely. Beware anyone who tries to alter this livelyhood. (In a way similar to a tool used to rape)As for "rape", our country being the worst offender of this henious human throwback to primacy now receives the loudest condemnation from the very parties that carry the majority of the nation with the majority of the very rapists, by deduction, inclusive in the ranks.Judging by the reports from within the countries prisons, it is an even greater threat on the males, and probably the cause of why so much of the male population across the continent appear to turn to this form of activity throughout their lives. Of course never in Zimbabwe or Moçambique or other african countries with leaders that violently apply the death sentence!Zapiro would have had a one way ticket to the great Spirit in the Sky if he had depicted a boy or child in place of the woman.
Hank5 said at Sep 14 2008 9:46AM
In his follow-up cartoon at least Zuma declares his utter respect for the lady....
Mugabe_is_sacred said at Sep 14 2008 9:59AM
The comment has been removed pending further investigation.

Mugabe_is_sacred said at Sep 14 2008 10:02AM
The African people freed themselves and elected this government and therefore it cannot be called the current regime since it represents the will of the people.Portraying the leadership of this country elected by the people as trying to rape a lady justice can only come from a pink "white" man because of their centuries of evil against the African people.The African people which elected this government and love it deeply view zapiro cartoon as the same evil agenda against the African people and therefore reject it.We do not care about the evil feeling of people who for centuries only lived to hurt the African people. Now that we are free we will never, i say never allow an oppressor to rule over us. And you can put your money on this. This country will be driven based on the will of the people and all sort of vilification will meet a crashing response.The ANC must take steps to pacify the media in this country witch is still controlled by the same pink “white” minority which has a history of evil against the African people, therefore it is like their culture to vilify and trouble the African people.

Comments by Sonny

The SACP, ANCYL, Cosatu can call for people to be killed and eliminated, no sweat.

But a cartoon pisses them off?

Big problemo!

Who are the 'counter-revolutionaries, actually?'



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