Monday, September 8, 2008

Navy equipment honestly obtained – Mbeki

Say it with a sting.....

By: Sapa
Published: 5 Sep 08 - 15:32
The navy's new frigates and submarines were obtained honestly, based solely on the decisions of national government and informed only by the defence review, president Thabo Mbeki said on Friday.

Addressing a presidential parade as part of the first navy presidential fleet review in Simon's Town Mbeki said: "Please rest assured that whatever mischievous story or rumours any among our people and others abroad may choose to propagate, the modern and sophisticated equipment you now control and operate was obtained honestly, based on decision by our national government and informed only by the defence review and the imperative to build a national defence force that would discharge the responsibility prescribed by our constitution," he said.

The transformation process has seen the South African navy make the transition from a poorly equipped force, compromised largely of ageing and obsolete vessels to a first class fleet, which is endowed with cutting-edge technology and staffed by world-class officers and highly trained and competent young men and women.

"Today we have a South African navy that has the capacity to accomplish the full range of maritime strategic objectives and missions that are consistent with the domestic and international task which democratic South Africa has set itself."

The review was intended to introduce the new navy fleet to Mbeki, who is the commander-in-chief, and the people of South Africa.


Comments by Sonny

President Mbeki, your lies precede you.
When are you going to drop your 'lying diplomacy and politicking' and confide in civil society.
Or are you going down in history as a 'blatant liar?"
The Scorpions, Pikoli and Zimbabwe being just three of your failures!

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