Thursday, April 1, 2010

AfriForum hypocrites – SACP

Say it with a sting.....


JOHANNESBURG - The South African Communist Party (SACP) has launched a scathing attack on AfriForum and like-minded organisations for their opposition to the liberation song “shoot the boer”.

“Organisations like AfriForum represent some of the worst hypocrites in our country,” said SACP spokesman Malesela Maleka yesterday.

He further lashed out: “They have selectively focused on the murder of white farmers, but not once have they gone to court or any Chapter 9 institution about murders of farmworkers by some white farmers and the slave-like conditions under which farmworkers and farm dwellers are treated by some racist white farmers.

“In fact, AfriForum and its associated organisations are simply pursuing a racist and elitist class agenda to defend the narrow interests of their members.”

The SACP yesterday came out in full support of the ruling party’s assertion that “shoot the boer was not tantamount to hate speech.

Last week the South Gauteng High Court ruled the controversial song was unlawful and unconstitutional. But the ANC hit back, saying it would go all the way to the Constitutional Court to defend the singing of “shoot the boer” as it was one of the party’s liberation songs.

Malesela charged that the courts were being used to rewrite history to the detriment of the country’s heritage. “It is important that we caution the courts themselves not to allow themselves to be used to try and wipe out the history of the heroic struggles of our people against the criminal apartheid regime.

“We shall not allow our institutions to be used to erase the collective memory of our nation, a past imposed on us by the capitalists and beneficiaries of the apartheid regime, who today try to opportunistically project themselves as latter day democrats,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Independent Democrats (ID) accused the ANC of disrespecting the courts for publicly rubbishing the “shoot the boer” judgment.

“Calling the court ruling ‘incompetent’ and ‘unimplementable’ shows a dangerous disregard for the courts. Even if the ANC’s legal in- terpretation is correct and they pursue their appeal and win, our nation will still be the biggest loser,” said ID secretary-general Haniff Hoosen.

The Citizen

Comments by Sonny

If Freedom of Speech does exist, then why is GoogleReader hijacking Blogs to prove

their point!

Exposure is not random, it is by choice!

The PAC died at birth.

The real hijacker here, is, the ANC!

AfriForum has rights as well!

The ANC can keep their song "Kill the Boer" is the Afrikaner can start singing "Kill

the K@##$*!"

Fuck Communism!!

If the PAC has the balls, then, let them execute their threat on Malema by Friday!

If AfriForum are hypocrites, then, the SACP is brainless and leaderless!



At April 2, 2010 at 10:24 PM , Blogger Tango said...

Zim farmers welcome govt. property seizure in SA
Chantall Presence
Civil rights group AfriForum says the attachment of a Cape Town property belonging to the Zimbabwean government is a trial run for similar seizures in future.

The Kenilworth property was attached on Tuesday because Robert Mugabe’s administration refused to pay the legal costs of farmers who won a landmark SADC tribunal ruling.

The tribunal not only awarded costs to the farmers, it also found the seizure of white-owned farms was illegal and that land owners should be compensated.

AfriForum lawyer Willie Spies says the attachment of the Kenilworth property is a test case because it determines to what extent the legal system in South Africa can be used to compensate farmers operating in Zimababwe.

“There is a process underway where the damages of the different [farms] are to be determined, also by the tribunal. Once that has been done, we’ll have to register that ruling and once its registered; a similar process could follow.”

The president of the beleaguered Zimbabwean Commercial Farmers Union, Deon Theron, described the action as a step in the right direction.

“As farmers we’ve had no option but to resort to these kinds of actions. The government of Zimbabwe have basically taken 4 500 farms and have paid about 120 of those a small amount for compensation, which is between five and 10 percent," said Theron.


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