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Sourth African Gun Owners association

Say it with a sting.....

Dear Everybody

This e-mail is going to everybody who is in my address book. I apologize ifyou receive this e-mail and you are not a firearm owner or if you are notinterested in its contents. If you are interested in its contents I appealto you to pass on this e-mail to as many people in your address book thatyou think might have an interest in its contents.The South African Police Services appears to have embarked upon a deliberatecampaign to mislead the firearm owning public into believing that theamnesty which expires on the 11th April 2010 is the last opportunity thatthe public has to re-licence firearms for which they hold old Arms andAmmunition Act licences and which have not been renewed. This is patentlyuntrue and misleading. In terms of the South African Hunters and GameConservation decision all old Arms and Ammunition Act licences in the formof green cards or those pasted into your identity document are validindefinitely. The amnesty is only in respect of firearms that are illegal.The South African Police Services are telling the public that you have untilthe 11th April 2010 to lodge an application for a new licence for your oldAct licence and the feedback that I am receiving is that the public arebeing misled into believing that after the 11th April 2010 their old Armsand Ammunitions Act licences will become invalid and they will be in illegalpossession of that firearm.Nothing is further from the truth. If you have an old Act licence, itremains valid. If you have not applied to renew that licence, it stillremains valid. Your possession of the firearm is legal and you can continueto use the firearm for any lawful purpose. Do not believe the South AfricanPolice Services if they say that your firearm will become illegal, or thatyou will be arrested, or that you have to apply for a new licence for thatfirearm. This is part of a political strategy to force people to complywith the Firearms Control Act where it is not necessary, or to force peopleto hand in firearms where it is not necessary.I am collecting a body of evidence to try and show that the SAPS haveembarked upon a deliberate campaign to mislead the public. I have mysuspicions where this misleading information comes from and it is myintention to hold those officers in the SAPS accountable in law. If peoplehave handed in firearms for destruction (and in the process have not beentold that they can apply for compensation) as a result of false ormisleading statements by the SAPS, I want to know. You can e-mail thisinformation to me at or you can e-mail it to the SouthAfrican Gun Owners Association at The SAPS have already been ordered in principle that they will have to paycompensation to the public for firearms that have been surrendered. It istime that firearm owners take a principle stand and do not bow to unlawfulSAPS pressures or actions. Once again, I request that you circulate this e-mail as widely and quicklyas possible as the amnesty cut-off date is the 11th April 2010 and it is mydesire to ensure that as few as possible people hand in their firearms fordestruction as a result of the misleading and dishonest campaign embarkedupon by the SAPS.

Yours faithfully

Martin HoodPartner MJ Hood & Associates

Tel: (011) 234 7520

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Window Dressing from the past
Police successes
Start publish date: 28 Jan 2010

Province: Northern Cape

Fltr: Asst Comm J Nkomo, Prov Comm MNZ Mbombo, MEC P Mabilo and Div Comm A Lamoer
The Northern Cape heeded to the call and destroyed thousands of firearms barely ten days after the Minister of Police announced the Firearms Amnesty. Designated Firearm Officials from stations throughout the Northern Cape worked tirelessly to document and safely transport close to three tonnes of rifles and handguns to Kimberley.

Widespread interest was displayed regarding the destruction of these weapons and support from government and business fraternities alike was offered to ensure that these tools of bloodshed and loss were removed from our streets.

Almost 3 000 firearms were reduced to molten metal. About 70% of the firearms were rifles and 30% were handguns. Several terrifying looking knives also met their fate. Being the weapon of choice in the Northern Cape, trunk loads of knives confiscated during crime prevention operations were also destroyed together with the firearms.

Prior to the destruction, the MEC for Transport, Safety and Liaison, Mr Patrick Mabilo urged the community to support the police and claim back the streets where women and children can walk freely without fear. Provincial Commissioner Mirriam Mbombo expressed her gratitude towards the community who have supported the Amnesty thus far and have played a vital role in ensuring that the firearms were taken out of circulation and out of the reach of criminals to ensure the safety of home and hearth.

Kimberley Engineering Works, also contributed towards the fight against firearms and availed their facilities where the firearms were destroyed. A furnace, heated to close to 1 400°C, was prepared to reduce the firearms to liquid metal. Several dignitaries were rather eager to participate. Dodging sparks and smoke, MEC Mabilo, Divisional Commissioner Arno Lamoer and Provincial Commissioner Mbombo managed to dump several rifles into the cauldron like furnace.

Assistant Commissioner Johanna Nkomo and Director Jaco Bothma of National Head Office also attended the event.

SAPS rank: Captain
Surname & Initial: CM. Ehlers
Telephone No: (053) 8027300



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